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Our primary purpose at Mingo Rad is to provide the purest and highest-quality
CBD vape products on the market. We take pride in the steps we require to extract our naturally-sourced CBD carefully. We stand firmly behind our products by offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee on EVERY purchase.

our Passion

Let’s get one thing straight; we’re here to help heal. No additives. No GMOs. No harsh chemicals. Just pure, clean CBD with a fresh new take on flavor. By combining naturally-good CBD with a funky twist of flavors, we’ve landed on something that fights the mainstream current!

our Purpose

An eclectic group of enthusiasts came together with one goal in mind: Find a more natural approach to health – and we found our beach. If you’re looking for a fresh flavor vibe that’ll never harsh your mellow, you’ve come to the right escape.

Our Promise

They say the proof is in the pudding. The only problem is we don’t make pudding. No additives about it, we promise to provide naturally good products at an unnaturally low price. We guarantee the freshness of every product and stand behind our quality with a money-back guarantee, and we’re not just blowin' smoke.