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Mocha AF

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It’s Mocha As F***. No Bulls***. For all our barista coffee connoisseurs, this flavor is for you. No flavor pumps. No additives. No sugar. Just pure CBD.

Put down the cream & sugar, and pick up our new blend it’s Mocha AF.

  • XX (10 mg for 300MG, 25 mg for 750MG, 50 mg for 1500MG) mg of Premium CBD per serving
  • Sourced from organic, non-GMO, USA-grown hemp
  • Broad-spectrum extract for full benefits of additional terpenes, cannabinoids, and amino acids.
  • 0% THC

Put down the cream & sugar, and pick up our proprietary new blend. It’s Mocha As F***. No Bulls***.

Don’t worry about burning your tongue because the only fire you’ll experience is from this flavor! Steeped from pure CBD isolate and mixed with a natural PG/VG base, Mocha AF is the perfect combination of flavor and funk. Get up and smell that fresh roast in a convenient easy-to-vape option. No flavor pumps. No additives. No sugar. Just pure CBD.

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All Natural Ingredients

Everything that goes into our Mingo Rad Vapes comes straight from Mother Earth herself, no additives about it. We take non-GMO and organic American-grown hemp and use “broad-spectrum” extraction to remove all that CBD goodness, along with a range of beneficial compounds, terpenes, and flavonoids. Then we add natural flavoring - and that’s it! If you can’t find it outside, you won’t find it inside our bottles.

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CBD Vape Application

Whatever floats your boat, seriously. There is not one dose, use, or application that fits all when it comes to CBD. With most cases depending on size, weight, and severity of symptoms, CBD is truly a unique way to ride the alternative wave to better health.

While vaping CBD may result in faster relief, it is suggested to maintain a consistent regiment for two weeks to achieve full benefits. This method allows your body to adjust to the smooth mellow of CBD, and its calming effects to wash over you. Lay back, load up, and relax away the daily struggle with Mingo Rad’s naturally good CBD Vape oil.

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Fast-Acting Results

Momma always said you were special, and she wasn’t lying. Everyone is different; just as dosing will vary, as will the time it takes to achieve desired results. Some may experience the benefits within minutes, while others may take up to 2-3 weeks to experience the full effects. In other words, just chill!

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